Thursday, 3 January 2019

Daughter Wait!: A Story of Life, Loss and Love by Carly Riordan (My Thoughts)

by Josephine Anne Griffiths

About the Book 

Daughter Wait! is an invitation to consider a different approach to dating and relationships.

If you've ever wondered:
How do I know if he is the one?
How do I move on from a broken heart?
What are realistic boundaries in a relationship?
What can I do while I am waiting?

Then this book is for you.

Within these pages are some of Carly's most vulnerable and heartbreaking moments, along with the powerful revelations and realizations that set her heart on a new course. Daughter Wait! is a warning of the perils of dating and a reminder of the promises of a Heaven-sent relationship.

Written in Carly's unique conversational style, you'll cry, laugh and cheer as you follow her story of life, loss, and love. Daughter Wait! is a timeless reminder that regardless of your past, God has the best for your future.

When I was twenty-one, I made the decision to remain single. Forever. Relationships, dating, marriage, weren't for me. Better to remain single forever and protect myself from any future heartache.

When I made this decision, it was genuine. I couldn't risk being hurt again, wasting time with the wrong guy, or worse still, waiting in hope for the knight in shining armour who never arrives. I wasn't willing to lower my standards either. I had watched friends settle for less, then years later find themselves unhappy, and again out of love. No thanks! Not for me.

~ Carly Riordan (Daughter Wait)

As I discovered this beautiful book was up for reviews, my first thoughts were Daughter Wait? What is that? Why? But fortunately, in this instance, my natural curiosity took over.

Carly Riordan, a member of Christian Writers Downunder, hasn’t just written a story … no, she has bled her heart onto the pages of this book to form one the most honest, humbling, heartfelt memoirs you are ever likely to read.

Carly makes herself to vulnerable throughout the book. There are no characters to create and mould, because Carly has merely told her own story, just as it is, warts and all, in a beautiful conversational style. Carly talks to us. Carly pleads with us. She pleads with us to wait.

I didn’t relate to everything within the book, however, I related to enough detail to keep turning the pages. I. Could. Not. Put. The. Book. Down! … Seriously.

Carly made me think about my own choices which I have made throughout life without a second thought as to what God may want of me.

Carly made me see that as a young woman, feeling like she may be ‘left on the shelf’ so to speak, I couldn’t have been more mistaken.

Throughout her book, Carly gently reminds us that no matter what we have thought, said, or done in our past life, God through His gracious and glorious love, will always take the best care of our future … if we allow Him to.

Daughter Wait is a wakeup call for all His daughters young, old, and in-between to trust Him, wait, and trust some more that He will lead us in the direction that is best for us.

In this day of so-called ‘sexual freedom’, and even looking back on the days of ‘free love’ during the 1960s and 70s, it is all too easy to be led astray. In this modern age, we may be bound to think that we have no need to listen, and definitely no need to wait, right?

I would love for every daughter to be able to read this insightful book, to realise that this assumption it so wrong.
I would also love for every son of the Father to have the opportunity to read this book so that they may gain an understanding and appreciation of how precious His daughters truly are.

If I could give this book six stars, I wouldn’t hesitate!

‘As confronting as these years are to pen, I write them in the hope that perhaps you will find encouragement on your journey. Our stories are made to be told, to be shared, and enjoyed. My prayer is that you will be inspired to allow the King of Heaven to write your story, wherever you are at. His way winds upwards, it can only get better.

If you allow God to work out the intricate details of your life, then one day you will look back and know He crafted something that far exceeded every dream, hope, and aspiration. He is the only one who can be trusted with your heart and will never disappoint.

A great adventure awaits. 

Carly xxx’

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About the Author

Carly Riordan is a deeply personal writer who'll have you feeling like you are catching up for a coffee with an old friend. Her writing is light-hearted and refreshing, yet full of thought provoking-wisdom. Carly currently resides on the Gold Coast, Australia, with her husband Joe and their two gorgeous girls.

She is a passionate follower of Jesus Christ, a lover of His Church, His people and life in general. Her words will leave you digging deep and inspired to live the life you are destined to live.

She has served in her local church for over 15 years as a worship leader, pastor and church builder. Carly has lectured on the Theology of Worship at Bible College but gravitates towards a style of writing and speaking that has her telling endless stories infused with the grace and truth of Jesus. You’ll find yourself in her stories and be inspired to live more intentionally and passionately for God.

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  1. Thanks Jo'Anne for a refreshing book review. And well done to Carly on her book. Love how passionate Carly sounds about her faith. And you've done a great job of enticing us to start reading the book Jo'Anne. Thank you and all the best with your writing in 2019. May it reap many rewards and bring joy to the Father's Heart. Happy Writing.

  2. Thank you Anusha. Of course my intention would be to entice everyone to read this precious gem. But you know, I've read a few memoirs in my time, and never has one tugged at my heartstrings the way this book has. Carly has a heartfelt story to tell ... Her story, and this alone encourages me to take up my pen and keyboard, and continue with the work I feel the Holy Spirit is calling me to do. I hope you and your family have had a beautiful Christmas, and that 2019 will be a year of divine inspiration for you.

  3. Thanks Jo'Anne for a great review :)