Monday, December 23, 2013

The Most Epic Story Ever Told - by Adam Collings

Epic stories are very popular at the moment, especially amongst those of us who love fantasy and science fiction. Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, we lap it all up. It does something inside us. In these big sprawling stories the fate of entire worlds is at stake. We find ancient prophecies, unworthy heroes stepping up and do amazing things and ultimate sacrifices being made. We can’t get enough of it. Does any of this sound familiar? Ancient prophecies promising the coming of a great saviour, very ordinary parents tasked with the quest of raising God’s own son, the death of said saviour which seems to spell doom for all his plans, then the amazing revelation that it was all part of his plan – that he had to die in order to save the human race from darkness. Certainly, Christmas is the most epic story ever told. It’s almost like all these other stories are trying to emulate the one real-life epic story.

Now don’t get me wrong, as a writer I totally understand the desire to create one’s own epic story. I'm definitely not saying we shouldn't indulge in writing or reading these epics. They're brilliant fun. I believe it’s all part of the creative nature that God placed in us.

We tend to view the Christmas story through such traditional sanitised child-like eyes that we can take it all for granted and miss just how epic it all is.

This is a great time of year to re-examine it all, to really think on it, and realise just how amazing it all was. And most of all, it’s a great time to be thankful, so thankful that God was willing to put this incredible rescue plan into action out of his great love for us – the species that had rebelled against him and abandoned him.

If you’re interested in looking deeper into the gritty realities of the Christmas story, you might be interested in a little book called ‘All About Christmas’ by E.G. Lewis. I reviewed it last year.

Have a great Christmas!

(and now from epic stories to epic cuteness. Check out my little shepherd girl and my little wise man!)

Adam CollingsAdam Collings is a writer of speculative fiction and video blogger. He is actively working toward becoming a published author. He lives in Tasmania, Australia. Adam discusses books and movies on his youTube series Stories. You can find Adam on-line at or his Google+ Profile


  1. I so understand what you are saying and agree. My pastor, John Latta, has been sharing some really interesting insights about Christmas as we go through Advent. I had never really appreciate the whole supernatural element of the Christmas story until he started to share all the small things that were supernatural, like the conception of Mary and Elizabeth, the recognition of Jesus by John whilst in the womb, Joseph's visitation from an Angel, the place of birth and the various elements including star, shepherds, wise men etc. The fulfillment of prophesy. Even Mary, a 15 year old girl and how she 'got' her calling when she sang the Magnificat. It was all spectacular and this has added a real excitement and deeper thrill to my Christmas. Praise God!

  2. Adam, yes, it is an incredible story. Merry Christmas and let's make sure we take some time out in the next few days to adore Him.

    Love the pic of your kiddies.

  3. Thanks, Adam. Totally agree--of course! And I love the cute photo! Have a great Christmas.

  4. A wonderful God honouring post, Adam. Yes, what an epic story we have to share.

    A very happy Christmas Collings family!

  5. Thanks Adam for a great reminded. And yes, we do forget the 'epicness' of Christmas. How great is our awesome God!