Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Writing conferences

The thing I want to talk about is writing confernces/fairs/festivals. Whatever they are called are beneficial. I think most of us have been to at least one, if not more. I have met fellow writers, and people who don’t think I am too weird for what I do.

You never know what little insights you will pick up, or who you will meet. If you can afford to go to one I think it is really worth it. I love when I go to a Christian conference as these people understand where I am coming from. As my books all have a Christian theme or values some non-Christians won’t always understand them.

I had a plan to go to the local arts festival (most capital city have one). But then I decided to get see my parents on the other side of the country so didn’t have the spare money to listen to a writer’s workshop. I will be going to another writing workshop when I visit my parents. Not sure if the subject is exactly what I want, but I might get a few contacts.

Contacts who might give you a job (paying even), or at least give you encouragement. I have met a guy Nathan and it was nice to know I could contact him about the conference I am going to. I wasn’t too sure if the topic would be beneficial for me as a fiction writer. He then wrote to the presenter and the topics have changed slightly. (Telling your own true story)

No matter how long you have been a writer, or how many books you have published, there is always something to learn. Even if you just meet other writers. (Last time I met someone who lived in the same suburb as me). Writing is generally a solitary job, and I love being able to talk about writing and not have a person’s eyes glaze over. I can get a little obsessed with my writing and characters

If you have the chance to go I would encourage you. I also would like to know what you get out of it? Why do you go to writing conferences? I am sure people can think of more reasons that I can today.

Sorry this is short I think I got too much sun on the weekend.


  1. I do enjoy a good writer's festival or conference but need to watch myself that I am actually writing and not just learning about writing. The one conference I've got my eyes on this year is the Word Writers Getaway. I attended the Word Writers Fair two years ago and loved it, so booked the dates in my diary as soon as I learned about them. I find this event in particular great for reminding me why I write, connecting with others passionate about faith writing and for meeting the writers I'm reading.

  2. I attended Missouri Writer's Guild and pitched my book to two agents, one who nearly bit my head off and one who was delightful. I attended a lecture, READING FROM THE SLUSH PILE. It was brutal, but terrific. Participants submitted two pages of their work and an agent read aloud every submission, and told why or why not she would reject the piece. Only two submissions were read completely through. Most were discarded within the first paragraph or two. That gave us a great idea of how to tighten, what not to do. Conferences are so expensive, but I always get something of value to take home.

  3. Every year I look at the program for the Brisbane Writer's Festival and at MOST there may be 1 or 2 things I am interested in. I guess it's because most of my writing is for a Christian audience ... so I find that Christian writer's events are much more worthwhile for me personally!

  4. Thanks for sharing Mel. I do agree that we always have a lot to learn from others. All life is a learning adventure isn't it? I too like Penn, have set my eyes on the Writer's getaway and hoping and praying I could get some money together for the plane fare and other expenses. I am with you Janet - I also write for Christians - so Christian writer events are spot on for me too.

  5. I've been to two conferences, a one-day conference, and the ACFW weekend conference and both were beneficial in their own ways. From both, however, I got support from other writers, made some amazing contacts, and learned a lot about writing. Exactly what conferences are for. And if you're open to it, you can find even more than that--conferences are definitely worth it!

  6. I've been to a few conferences. My main goal was to pitch to publishers, but opportunities for that are quite rare. There's always great tips to be had from presentations by writers, publishers and agents. I do, however, wonder if the vast amount of information that's now freely available on the internet is somewhat undermining the value of conferences (and not just writers' conferences).

  7. Conferences are a definite plus for me in my writing life. I try to attend at least one conference a year. It's a great opportunity to catch up with writing friends, also I continue to learn the craft of writing and where the market is at. It's interesting to find out how I can improve my writing to make it more exciting and to take my reader on a journey so that they feel part of my characters' lives. It's worth making the effort to meet with editors and agents, too. Great practice for pitching your work. You just never know who you meet and how they might help you in the future. So conferences get my tick of approval. Definitely!